Tattoo Care & Hygiene

At New Look we take hygiene and safety very seriously. Tattoo artists work with needles and human blood. It is critical that when you are choosing a studio, that you consider the health practices of your potential artist.

  • We never reuse ink or needles. For every client and every tattoo we use a new¬†sterile needle which is immediately discarded in a biohazard-safe container after our work is finished.
  • We sterilize all of our equipment with an autoclave, which is a machine used by hospitals, doctors and dentists to sterilize their equipment to insure bacteria, germ and disease-free instruments. After the equipment is sterilized, each piece is placed in a new, clean bag, and is stored in the autoclave until the next tattoo.
  • We always use latex gloves and we use new ink in small individual containers. We always use a disposable instrument to dispense vaseline.
  • We also disinfect our work surface (our tattoo table or arm stand) and then seal it with plastic before you are positioned for your tattoo.
  • We welcome any questions about our health practices or tattoo health in general.

Tattoo Care

We provide all of our clients with instructions, which include the following:

remove the covering after 2 - 4 hours. you may wash your tattoo gently with mild soap and water. Do not scrub your tattoo. You should purchase Bepanthen cream (available from Tesco or chemists) and apply to your tattoo 3 or 4 times per day for the next 12 - 14 days. Use as little cream as possible to lightly saturate your tattoo. You do not want your tattoo to be wet while healing, the scab will make the color a bit dull and muted. Do not pick at or scratch the scab. Rather, let it heal and fall off on its own. Then you will see the colors at their most brilliant. Stay out of the sun, ocean, and pool for at least 10 days. Showers are fine, but only pat your tattoo dry, do not rub it and try to keep it as dry as possible. If possible, do not wear clothing that tightly covers your tattoo until it has fully healed and when your tattoo has healed, always use a high SPF sunscreen to protect it. The more care you take with your tattoo the better it will look for a longer time.


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